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RECAP: The 12th Exabytes Designer Club Gathering – Venture into eCommerce

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First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to YPC International College for inviting us to have a learning and sharing session for its students. We were so excited to meet the enthusiastic participants who joined us at YPC International College on last Friday.

#1 Registration

The lecture hall was almost fully occupied! We thank you for the tremendous support and most importantly, we hope you learn something new and useful from our invited speakers.

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#2 Speakers

June Sim – She explained on eCommerce stores and how they evolve from day to day. We were so surprised to find out that some of the students who were only 19 were already running a small business! It is truly amazing and impressive!

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Clement Chau – The guru of parcel delivery explained the revolution of delivery system from the old days until today. In addition, Clement also explained how EasyParcel makes it super convenient for the whole delivery process, especially for online sellers who always need to deliver their parcels to the customers.

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Johnson Lam – In this EDC gathering, Johnson told us about drones and demonstrated how to fly one!

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Vickson Tan – Partner of Mr Chan MK. He explained the technology of capturing 360 views photos and videos. Other than that, Vickson also let the participants to try out all the VR gadgets and experienced what it means by 360 view.

Once again, we thank you everyone for joining the fun-filled EDC gathering and we hope you enjoyed the session. For those of you who are interested in joining as an EDC member (IT’S FREE!), feel free to visit


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