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RECAP: Why UX & SEO Make The Perfect Pair


Hello Singapore!

We are so delighted that the 1st EDC event in Singapore has ended with success! We are also very glad to have the opportunity to be in touch on the ground level with other designers and people in the industry. Let’s do a recap on the exciting event!


Preparation and setup of the event started at 3pm and we had prepared Subway sandwiches as the refreshments for our guest speakers and attendees.



The crowd started to size up around 6pm, and we were all excited to see different people from different backgrounds joining us at this event! Among the many we had were Designers, Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, UX Designers, Web Developers  and Producers, IT Engineers and Consultants etc.


As the crowd began to warm up, many were seen mingling and networking around, making new friends.

The much anticipated event started at 7pm sharp and Calvin, our 1st speaker was ready to speak onn SEO.


Calvin, the Founder of Calvin Seng Design, shared about his knowledge and techniques on how to boost website search engine rankings.


The sharing session was highly interactive; attendees were enthusiastically asking questions and raising the current issues on SEO. At the same time, selfless Calvin was ever ready to answer their questions and provide them with all the techniques they need to overcome the problems they faced for their website.


The first sharing session was wrapped up in 40 minutes before we continued to the next sharing session conducted by Carlo Victoriano from Philippines, the Creative Director in Carbon Interactive shared on the interesting topic “Beyond Pixels, Screens and Best Practices: Designing with UX in mind”


The sharing session was once again very lively with Carlo’s sense of humor, interesting concepts and interactive slides. He showed us many real life examples of good and bad UX designs and his own ideas on UX to improve better user experiences on websites.



Our attendees were paying full attention to the presentation and were amazed with the detailed information Carlo had prepared for this event.


Once again, thank you everyone for the overwhelming support! We received so much positive feedback aon the two guest speakers on how much valuable information the attendees had gained. It was an exciting and fun event with lots of useful and practical things to learn!


Even after the sharing session ended, many attendees stayed back to discuss the relevant topics presented earlier to gain more insights and knowledge.


UX and SEO indeed is a perfect pair in building a unique website. The chemistry between the two speakers had successfully harmonized and brought the two elements together, creating an amazing atmosphere at the event.

All in all, the exabees had a fantastic time organizing the event, and it was all worthwhile meeting all the amazing people in Singapore. We sure will come back again for more!

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