Attn All Designers! Do you know the important design trends for 2016?

To all graphic designers out there! What are the design trends for 2016?

Trends come and go. Some stay for years, others are short-lived. They don’t start one year and end the next. On the contrary they move until they fade out. Many design ideas often start from a trend-setting fashion show and gradually moves on to other areas, such as graphic design, packaging, illustrations, and home decor.

So what are the design trends that are worth all the attention this year? Let’s see.


  • Flat 2.0

Flat 2.0 Evolution is necessary. Now we have 2.0 to address some of these weak points of the previous Flat. Flat design stands as a popular trend in the design world and has been very famous in the past few years. 

Now Flat 2.0 is very powerful. It has the visual language which means communication using visual elements. Designers are able to mix the flat design with their own works (such as photography and artwork) and make it more flexible.


Example of Flat design – Tolia Ice Cream


Differences between Flat and Flat 2.0

  • Retro

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Retro? I will think of the 80s and 90s — those classic dresses, television shows, etc. They are so inspirational. How about you?

Retro style is defined as using new things to present the display properties of the past. It’s a kind of old style design. This mainly intends to summarize retro since the recent focus is on products, fashion and artistic styles. Think of striking hues, pixel craftsmanship, perky geometric outlines, and you’ll be sure to know what we are talking about here.

Here is an example.




Pictures credit to Colorlib , visit them for more examples! 🙂


  • Geometric Shapes

Guess what? Geo trend comes back in 2016! Nowadays, we can see many designers creating their artworks (such as logos) using geometric shapes and styles. Geometric shape is actually playing a strong role in the design world especially packaging.

We’ve collected some nice examples of geometric design here. What do you think about them?



Don’t you think these design give a strong impression? We think geometric shapes are very special and it can be used on any object or artworks. With it, design and brands will have their advantages.

“Kill 2 birds with one stone.”

Visit Creativemarket to explore more about geometric shapes.


  • Movies and Cartoons

Movies and Cartoons have been trending in Hollywood since long time ago. As we know, there are different kinds of trends in films and TV. Other trends in films and TV are science fictions such as Captain America, Civil War, Deadpool, Star Wars etc; thrillers such as Hush, Criminal, The Shallows etc.

Have you ever thought that films and TV trends might influence graphic design in 2016? Let’s look forward to it together!

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