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Super Creative Way to Craft Your Resume! Example No. 4 Is Just Brilliant

A quick question, how would you like to express yourself in words and using pictures in your resume/CV?

If you are a student, you will probably be given a template, or sample resume by the college. So naturally, most students would just follow the example, fill in their personal details and send out their CVs to recruiting companies.

Resume Sample-2

Outline Design

Let’s give it a thought. When almost everyone is using the same template, what are the chances your resume stand out and catch the attention of the recruiter?

Pretty slim.

So, don’t do it! Nowadays, competitiveness can be stiff no matter what career path we choose. In order to stand out, shouldn’t we do something special to enhance our chances?

Since words and photo are pretty much set, why don’t we do something on the resume design?

In this post, we are happy to present to you a couple of inspirational creative resume design as below. We hope you can create one stunning piece of work for yourself and your future. Now it’s time to unleash your creativity!

  • Mindview Resume by NitroVince 

This layout is super clean and nice, plus Easy to read. It uses sharp colors like white, orange and black.


  • MyResume by ChuckDLay

Creative design from Chuck. This looks like some old-fashioned newspaper design.


  • Resume by Brazilnut

The resume has been laid with graceful lines, with good merger identified.


  • Typographic Resume by Mac1388

The centerpiece (Your Name!) will capture your readers since it’s big. Simple and nice!


  • Minimalist Resume

Informative info-graphic. Best for graphic designers.


For more creative design, visit Deviantart

So there you go. A great starting list if you wish to instill creativity in your resume.

Still thinking about how to enhance your resume? Don’t think, act!

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