What Is a Brand Persona and How To Create It To Make Your Business UNSTOPPABLE!

Hey peeps, here we are again! Since we think there are only a few people who know about this, we are going to introduce to you the concept of Brand Persona in this blog post. A good company should have a solid brand persona for their products to lend customers a hand to solve all their required needs and wants. It’s a smarter way to get around customers.


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Let us understand more about personas before getting into the topic. A persona is actually a VISUAL STORY that is used to represent the actual product to the customers. It provides a picture with full details of the product for the business to understand what they actually need or to accomplish, what new information they need to improve and so on. But more importantly, a persona is the representative who carries the message of your brand or company to your customers.

For the team, personas help them to focus fully on creating user-centered designs. The design made by the products or services team should try to solve the customers’ problems. The best performance can be achieved when every team members including marketing, sales, designers and customers service work together. Here comes the POWER!

How to start creating a persona? 

  • Brainstorming
  • Having a discussion among team members to decide on your target customer groups
  • Describing the reality behind the development role of your brand or product persona
  • Creating an empathy map

These will make it easier for the team to gain a more in-depth understanding of what they need. Brainstorm is a must in creating or planning everything. Different kinds of ideas will be come out in this process. All of these will lead you to a more organized process when creating personas. You may start with an empathy map. The map is divided into a couple of key parts such as what a user is seeing and hearing versus what the user thinks and feels. You would be able to start understanding the feeling your users have after going through the different stages of creating an empathy map.

How to design a useful persona?

  • Colour
  • Typeface

The colours used to create a persona must be attractive and engaging. The colours should match with the brand’s or product’s character personality to give a good first impression. The type and warmth of colours used alone say a lot about the characteristics of the brand or product itself and how users should feel about them. You may want to research on other personas to help you understand the use of colours in creating your own personas better.

With typefaces, brand personas become simpler to read and understand. Since they can be used to deliver the character of a persona in a more straightforward manner, they can be used to avoid confusion.

Here are some examples: –

personality and consumer behavior 26 638.jpg 638×479

This ends our sharing in this post! Hope you guys learn something new today.

Stay tuned for more information and new updates!



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