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RECAP: EDC Gathering @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

Date: 09 August 2014
Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm
Venue: Exabytes Puchong Training Room

What a remarkable day we Exabees and also our valued EDC members had at our 2nd Gathering, happening at Exabytes SetiaWalk office!


It started at 9:30am but Exabees were already there at 8:30am to make sure everything was ready.


The crowd started to size up from 9am onwards and it’s also time for Exabees to get busy.



Subway sandwiches were served to EDC members as breakfast.




Next, was the sharing session by Mr. Hussin Khan in which he presented to us his Video Editing Skills. After all, we all know that Mr. Hussin Khan is the guru who has involved in the Making of Hollywood Movies.


Before Mr. Hussin Khan ended the session, he took some time to share with us some of the most important skills of Adobe Photoshop.

Prize giving session to Mr Hussin Khan for his support and also to our lucky draw winner.

Next, it’s the much awaited and exciting Google Glass and Oculus Rift Session!


Exabees giving Brief explanation on what Oculus Rift and Google Glass are! (they didn’t need much explanation, did they?)


Test Drive Google Glass and Oculus Rift!

Everyone had a wonderful time with Oculus Rift and Google Glass

10584063_10152371073079037_8373996355083627073_n  983785_10152371073719037_5567107792794214101_n

Fuyoh!!! what a great event !!!!


We learn, We play, We share!!

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